Source code for AMDirT.viewer

# from AMDirT import logger
from distutils.log import warn
import sys
from streamlit.web import cli as stcli
from pathlib import Path
from AMDirT.core import get_json_path, logger
import warnings

[docs] def run_app(tables=None, verbose=False): """ Run the AMDirT interactive filtering application Args: tables (str): path to JSON file listing AncientMetagenomeDir tables """ if not warnings: warnings.filterwarnings("ignore") directory = Path(__file__).parent.resolve() app = "" if tables is None: config_path = get_json_path() else: config_path = tables app_path = f"{directory}/{app}" sys.argv = [ "streamlit", "run", app_path, "--", "--config", config_path ]"\n[AMDirT] To close app, press on your keyboard: ctrl+c\n") sys.exit(stcli.main())